Mead at less than 40p a bottle.

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Lidl now have the Polish honey in stock. £5.99 for 900g. I made mead with it last year and it turned out splendidly. Got some and already it's off!


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Fantastic thread, I live literally next door to an Aldi superstore and I've got my eye on a mead recipe. I went and bought 2 jars of the Grandessa Honey <-- this one, and I'll probably grab a third one if its any good, i did look for some info on where it comes from and whatnot and couldn't really find any info other than the UK so i guess its gonna be a trial run for sure. I see that Spanish forest honey. Wondered what that might be like :confused.: but i defo would try the Orange Blossom Honey.. I can see that being a great way to get extra flavour into the final product. Gonna use that Champagne yeast and back sweetened when it comes to it. Im very excited to try it.
Started just one DJ for now. Got the Lavlin EC-1118 Yeast for that high % with a dryness but i intend to back sweeten eventually once i reach that point.
I used 3 Jars of Grandessa Clear Honey from Aldi 1.35Kg at £1.35 a Jar and just mixed it with some boiled water which i left to sit for about 6 hours, enough to fill 2/3 of the DJ. Probably not long enough but the kid's started poking about so i had to get it done.
Then for some reason it took me about an hour to get the temp down to 26*c so i was using a pan basin of Icey water then once i was there on the right temp i added 2.5g of the Yeast. I've read its super fast and can reach 20%+ but I'm not overly keen on a super super dry mead..
I did something I've seen people do but i wasn't overly sure if i was doing the right amount but as it's my first try and not a lot can go overly wrong i used a heaped teaspoon of some Yeast Nutrient I was given in a massive box of old brewing gear tonight. so that should help and i Had no raisins.
Seen about 300 videos saying add a cup of black tea. let it brew for 10-15 mins then throw it in the mix. I haven't added any fruit nor anything else. As a first stab at making mead this will be my learning curve and to give me something to benchmark, I'm doing this as my first mead run. I also have another Demi john i was considering making a wine , using my other 2.5g of yeast for a dry white and swap out wine yeast for the Lavlin EC-1118 yeast and make some sparkling wine. just an idea but i need to research for now.

But this gallon of mead has cost me ::
Grandessa Clear Honey 454g x3 =£4.05
Yeast 2.5g - £1
Water - £0.05

£5.10 clapa
I'll let ya know how it goes in a few weeks.

merry xmas :D


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