Mint & Lime Wine

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May 11, 2021
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Stoke on trent, UK
Thought I'd post since everyone has said its by far their favourite that I make,
5 litre/ 1gallon recipe
10 limes zested and juiced
3 packets of i believe 50gram of fresh mint( whatever those small fresh packets tesco, asda sell them in by the vegetables)
Whack all in food processor or if needed can be finely chopped by hand, add chopped mint and zest and juice of lime and 1.2kg sugar to a pan add 4.5 litres water and leave till boiling, ones it boils let it do so for 10 minutes, strain with sieve or materiel of any kind you have lying around, then add the boiled liquid to a DJ let cool to just over 35C then add 1 tsp yeast 1 tsp nutrient quarter teaspoon tannin no space is needed to be left at top of DJ, it does not foam at all its a very chilled out wine
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