Nelson Sauvin Single Hop Pale as my second ever AG brew

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Beer Elzibub

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Jan 18, 2024
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Picked a pretty straightforward recipe for my second ever AG brew. Based on the Greg Hughes Nelson Sauvin Single Hop Ale downscaled to 11.5 litres. Mostly Maris Otter for the mash with a bit of Carapils. Temperature was a pretty constant 65-66 for 90 mins (BIAB with a jug/colander sparge).
4 additions of NS hops, I used muslin bags which didn’t disintegrate during the boil unlike the paper teabags I tried last time.
Wort is now cooling in the sink. The specific heat capacity of H2O is a mighty thing, it’s a pretty slow process. Once cooled the wort will be treated to some Safale US-05.

Now cooled enough to pitch. OG was 1050, close enough to the recipe 1047. Perhaps more due to luck than judgement as I’m still getting used to what my boil off losses, and efficiency are going to be in this set up, and what top-ups are needed. Anyway on we go. Last time I used US-05 it was pretty brisk.

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