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Apr 24, 2024
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Greater Manchester, UK
Hello folks,

Fermentaton is great, isn't it? I got started with sourdough, then yogurt and other foodstuffs. Started making myself some kvass and my recipe just kept getting more and more complicated and when I started adding extra sugar for a stronger result and hops to extend the shelf left leading to a much more beer-y flavour I realised that at I might as well just brew beer instead. So here I am.

I made my very first beer two weeks ago; something that was supposed to be a saison. It came out pretty well if a little bit stronger than I had planned. The biggest problem I have is that it's getting consumed about twice as fast as I was planning. I'm planning on brewing something comparable to a (indian?) pale ale this weekend but hoping to add some fruity character to it with the yeast and hop selection.

Planned grain bill is:
80% maris otter
10% munich
10% torrified wheat

Hops-wise, I'm aiming for ~35 IBU and I have two NZ hops to potentially use - galaxy and necraton. I might even try to dry hop, though I don't have any special equipment and I am concerned about oxygen exposure.

For yeast I have two kveik isolates to pick from; voss or hornindal. I've got some heating setup to try and ensure I get the more fruity flavours out of the year from a warm fermentation.

If anyone has any thoughts on this plan/recipe, I'd love to hear them but otherwise I'm happy to press on regardless :)

Galaxy is Australian and necraton sounds like something akin to "the walking death"
Good luck with that.
I should press on and tell us how it turns out.

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