Out of my depth please help!

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That's quite likely.

To put it simply:
  • At lower mash temps (about 60-63ºc) you get more alcohol and less sweetness in the beer.
  • At higher mash temps (about 68-72ºc) you get more residual sweetness and less alcohol.
Generally for a good tasting beer you want a balance between these two effects, so for a simple (one temperature) mash you go for a temperature of around 66ºc.

Note that the enzymes that do the work quickly 'wear out' above their optimum temperatures. The low temperature ones ('beta amylase') start burning out above about 65ºc, and the higher temperature ones (called 'alpha amylase') start burning out above about 75ºc.
cheer for the explanation abv came out ok so must have not been that bad, I tried some when bottling was nice not too sweet
Glad he liked it - how is the clarity of it?
Let it settle in the garage for 3 weeks then bottled it was nice and clear during bottling he said when poured looked like the real thing will get him to save me one but he is way for 6 weeks so not sure if he will save any haha.

Overall very impressed with CML kit very easy to follow and decent result for a firth time AG brew