Parsnip wine.

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Oct 23, 2021
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Rhondda Valleys
I made this wine

in 2022 and decided to open a bottle this evening. It was bottled in July 2022, so it’s aged long enough to ‘assess its potential’. I bottled and corked it, and it’s been lying on the cork for 18 months or more. I did try a bottle at Xmas 2022, and whilst it was ok, the taste was still a tad ‘agricultural’. Roll on another year however, and the taste has mellowed somewhat. It’s still a little warm on the palate, but it’s got a sweet subtleness to it that makes it very enjoyable. This wine came out at 13.5% and that’s more than enough for me.

I’ve got four bottles left and I’m probably going to do this again, and not try it for at least 18 months to get the best from it.
Perhaps too much sugar.
13.5% is always too much for a white. Aim for 11.

And was it cane or beet sugar?

For older members "could does not mean should"
If I remember correctly it was ordinary granulated sugar. It came out like that because I followed the instructions on the website to the letter. I’ll probably add less sugar if I ever do it again.

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