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Jan 11, 2018
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Rules for Sponsors

You can;

  • Create your own threads within the Sponsors forum. All thread titles you create should contain your business name.
  • Post/comment about your own products and business.
  • Promote your own business.
  • Respond to comments by users about your products.
You cannot
  • You cannot post on another business’ thread within the sponsors forum.
  • Post/comment about the products and businesses of other businesses
  • Denigrate, or post any direct or implied negative comment in relation to another business
  • Respond to comments made by other businesses
Principles for sponsor engagement on THBF/UK
  • Keep it civilised – THBF/UK is intended as a positive forum for home-brewers to share and learn.
  • THBF/UK is a home-brewing forum – THBF/UK has no place being judge, jury and executioner determining and applying sanctions for actions outside of THBF/UK. If you believe a business is engaging in improper practices – report it to the relevant authority.
  • Let the moderators – moderate. Do not take it into your own hands to attempt to address any real or perceived breaches of these rules. Simply click on the “Report” link on the relevant post.
  • Be overt about your interests – it is your responsibility as a sponsor to ensure that any THBF/UK members with links to your business in any way declare their interest. This can be achieved by simply adding “Employee/Owner of ???” to their signature block

Breaches of the above rules or principles will result in
  • Individual breaches will result in deletion of posts – no explanation provided
  • Repeated breaches may result in accounts being put on “post approval” where all posts will be considered and approved by Admin/Moderators before being published.
  • Ongoing breaches may result in a temporary or permanent ban of your account
Could i remind members that as the rules above state this is a forum allowing sponsors to -
  • Create threads within the Sponsors forum.
  • Post/comment about their own products and business.
  • Promote their business.
  • Respond to comments by users about their products.
It is not a place for general discussion between members and not a place to discuss other HBS's, by all means ask questions but don't leave negative comments especially if you do not own the item advertised
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