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I didn't post this at the time but Elsa My Airedale has moved on. She had lost a bit of weight after Christmas. Scan at the vet showed a tumor in her spleen. That was on the Tuesday, I got to take her home and spend Wednesday with her. On the Thursday I had to carry her into the vets. It all happened so quickly, broke everyone's heart in the family.
This is her during the snow we had mid January. Two weeks before the tumor, she was only 9. Fit healthy dog her whole life.
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I don't think I will ever have another dog like her. Her personality was so different

Beautiful dog. So sorry for your loss.
For anyone in a similar situation. I decided to bring My Labrador Pippa with me to the vet. I let her stay outside the room until it was over. I then let her in to see Elsa, she sniffed about her and for Me understood what was going on. I just didn't want her searching for her life companion.
So sorry to here your news.
Every dog hold a special place in your heart - forever. Well done with Pippa, excellent call Samale.

You both need a new buddy & Pippa will help you choose.

I will raise a glass tonight.

XL bully dogs will not be banned in NI, Andrew Muir says

By Jayne McCormack
BBC News NI political correspondent

It will remain legal to own one of the dogs but they must be muzzled and on a lead in public.
The agriculture and rural affairs minister also said a new scheme will be set up requiring owners to register their dog with the authorities.
The breed has already been banned in England and Wales. Scotland introduced similar laws last month.
The legislation was brought in as the government faced pressure to act, after the breed was linked to a string of serious and sometimes fatal attacks.
Speaking at Stormont on Tuesday, Mr Muir said he had not taken the decision lightly.
"There are 140 XL Bully breed type dogs licensed right now, up from around 90 last October," he added.
"Therefore it is time to act, whilst numbers remain manageable and while we can - in the main - track where these dogs are."
It is understood the move will require legislation that could come before the assembly in summer or early autumn.
The new scheme will require owners of XL bullys to:
  • Appropriately record and account for their dog, with the relevant authorities
  • Keep their dog muzzled and on a lead at all times in public
The new rules will also make it illegal to abandon, rehome, sell, buy, or transfer ownership of an XL bully.
Dogs will also have to be neutered and breeding will be banned.
The department said if an owner of an XL bully does not want to follow the measures and no longer wishes to keep their dog, it will have to be put down.
Mr Muir said: "No owner will be forced to give up their dog or made to hand over their dog.
"I am giving the owners of XL Bully breed type dogs the ability to be responsible and compassionate owners."
He added that he was aware of calls to deal with "the deed not the breed", but had to act in light of safety risks.
There are four breeds of dogs that are banned in Northern Ireland:
  • Pit Bull terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Braziliero
The minister said that in the five months since measures had been announced in Great Britain, there has been a rise of more than 50% in the number of XL Bully breed type dogs licenced by councils in Northern Ireland.
"I cannot rule out that the significant uplift in XL Bully dogs finding a home here is due to displacement from England, Scotland and Wales," he added.
He said he was concerned that the figure could also be under-reported.
Just got back from Lytham beach with doggo she loved it, and some how the clip on the lead came un done but she came back first call which was a huge relieve
Usual one is that the clip has been clipped to the thinner name tag wire ring instead of the solid lead ring on the collar.
Great dogs the JRT...whether Parson pedigree or just your normal pet "ratter".
A great big dog in a small body! Quite easy to train but always looking for something to round up or hunt and not always good with other dogs. A great house dog and very faithful.

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