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Before bottling i tasted it, and it was sour, my first reaction was to dump it, thinking it got some infection. But the smell was fine, no other indication of something strange going on, but the sour taste. This is my first brew with SAFALE WB-06, but i was so disappointed because I'm very carefully with cleaning things up etc. (at least i think i am :) )
I was upset, but as my father said, he will drink it sour anyway :))) .... I bottle it anyway and hoped it will not transform in vinegar.
After 5 days conditioning in bottles (with 4-5gr of sugar per 500ml), I've put a bottle in fridge 1 day and tried it. Damn it, it was looking too good, loved the color, the foam, the smell. I can still taste sourness (compared to my other brews, as i don't have much experience), but for sure is not that bad as when I bottle it.
If it was an infection, i suppose it would got worse not better, right ? :D
Also, compared with my first BIAB with OG 1040, this one seems way more better (in flavor/aroma) ... and I suspect my OG reading of 1038 could have been wrong !?
now i feel a bit dumb .... acidulated malt: 5/5 points in sour aheadbutt
The good thing is that in the next recipe I lowered the quantity to 0.2kg (from 0.28kg)
And the next one ... i even replaced it with Carahell. :laugh8:

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