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Feb 16, 2015
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First one of these I've done I think.

Made an Allendale Pennine Pale clone. Main ingredients were Golden Promise, Vienna and Munich malts, Cascade, Columbus and Citra hops. I can post details if anyone wants.

I'm doing 30 minute mash and boils at the moment. Target OG was 1.047 but actual was 1.060. I do BIAB and always seem to overshoot what it says in Brewmate (maybe I should check with another recipe builder). Maybe its a feature of BIAB.

I followed Mashbag's suggestion of dumping the wort in the fermenter with a few changes - I took off the hop filter and used the tap to pour most of the wort in, then poured the rest into a sterilised bucket through a riddle with three different pitch screens, then dumped that into the fermenter. Volume was spot on at 15 litres.

Spotted as I was tidying up that I'd forgotten something, the yeast (rolls eyes). Using Verdant IPA as a trial.

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