What have you been smoking on bbq?

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Just had some of the trout for breakfast, sweet chestnut is a great wood pairing. The aroma is strong but the flavour is much more delicate, sweet and rounded. Went well, grilled lightly and served on sourdough with a squeeze of lemon.
So this is a half smoke and half braise Ox Cheeks. Apple and Cherry wood, just letting them rest whilst I cook the veggies.


No smoking today. Just using it as a bbq for the first time so no deflector plate. Looked a good temperament so I opened the lid and whoosh I now have no hair on my left arm and a singed fringe 🤣
Barnsley Chops with potato and asparagus.

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At least you have a fringe to singe ! If only 😋
After watching James Martin this morning thought we’d try tandoori chicken on the Kamado.

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I’m now wishing we hadn’t, stuck in the summer house with the rain lashing down. Managed to get an old brolley over it.
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That’s all part of cooking outside, you just need to get a bigger brolly! How did the chicken turn out?

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