Wierd stuff you take on holiday.

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I broke a rear universal joint on my car on the way back from Belgium. They were not empty crates 🤔🤔
Bad luck there , I get 6 crates 0f 24 beers in the boot of my vitara but used to get 8 crates in my cx-5. I downsized. even in the Mrs's car we can get 4 crates in the boot.
We holiday regular but I just take the same stuff, beer(unless we go on a plane), clothes, shoes, bike and kindle. The wife and daughter pack everything. The wife as various checklists saved depending on type of holiday and location. We then have the usual conversation of 'we need a bigger car'. We are currently away, same conversation on packing. Thank god Tesco delivered our shopping direct.
Pack as little as possible is the best way imo. You can wear the same clothes multiple times. If it's a beach holiday you spend most of the time in swimming shorts, a t shirt and sliders so don't need loads of underwear and evening clothes. Only essential is a bottle opener and a few payment cards. I don't bother exchanging cash any more, just a bit for tips
A book. The same book. For about five years... until it actually gets read. Which recently happened on my last holiday.

Time to start packing a new book...which won't get read.
The missus always takes a cutting board, or three. Essential for me is my union flag swimming shorts.