2 different kits, identical inside. Review to follow!!

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Jan 13, 2014
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Hi All, I haven't posted for ages and been busy making my usual Beaverdale Nebbiolo, and Vieux Chateau Du Roi kits with success(the last 2 made being the best ever!) so this time thought I would 'Splash out' a few quid more for kits with more juice in them.

I have bought 2x Vieux Chateau Du Roi kits, one Winexpert Classic and one Vine Co Original series. There was £3 difference in price between the kits but get this......... inside the boxes all the items were absolutely identical, even down to the batch numbers on the yeast and additives!! The instructions, everything!!

Personally think its a bit naughty charging more for identical products so if you are looking to buy one of these kits go with the cheaper Winexpert classic!!!

Anyway, enough of the moaning, am going to be making these side by side starting today and will update this thread accordingly. I still have some of my last batch Beaverdale Chateau so will do a taste test of all 3(Although fully expect these last 2 to be the same :) and report back. My supplier assures me these will be far better than Beaverdale kits. Will wait and see.
Photo of both new kits attached

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