8 Wherry kits on eBay for just £1..

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Apr 4, 2023
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Hi, still new to the forum as I've been so busy since joining!
I recently purchased around 8 Wherry kits on eBay for just £1.... For the 'lot' !!... I won't get around to brewing them all so was wondering, ... Could I use 3 tins per 40 pints instead of the 2 ??... I'd usually brew 2 tins a little short, to around 18 litres. Maybe I could go to 23?...
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Hi Matt you should really start another thread as it is what is called hijacking somebody elses thread with a question answer off topic.

Each of the kits has been hopped for that amount of beer i.e 23ltrs so if you use more 3 cans from a 2 can kit it will give half as much hops again so could be too bitter for some drinkers but thats a personal thing as some people like well bitter beers.
It may also unbalance the beer.
If you want a little more body and sight increase in ABV you can do a kit to 21 or 19ltrs to give a more concentrated flavour which is pretty standard practice in home brewing athumb..
Good luck
Ps if you like a bitter beer give it a try with a extra can at full volume as you have suggested thats if you like a fuller bitterness
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