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Adrian that is an interesting one.
I like that and they have not taken to big a chunk for putting it together.

Here's the rub though.
Are you wanting to do all the work, on brewday, or will you want the machine to do some? Because there is no pump and no digital controller. So this is no more than brew bag in a plastic bucket.

Futureproof. Meh. I suppose it is easier to fix, but there is not a lot to go wrong. The residual value is higher, but a bag and a bucket are cheaper in the first place.

So the question becomes what sort of brewer are you and where do you think you brewing practices will lead you?

If you are a bit handy, this will be a good base for building as you go.
Hi getting back into brewing and will eventually like to go to all grain. I was going to buy standard kettle but wondered where the mash/ boiler from brew bros might be more future proofed. All-in-one Mash Tun and Kettle 2.4kw with Baskets 30L
Or are there better options?
I like it, something to build on. An external pump for a return from the tap, cheap on Ali Express. A hands-on SVB. I would be asking for a paddle in place of the hop spider, and there is room for a dip tube.
Not a Hop spider fan Foxy?
I don't use one, or a bag. But a paddle would be more useful, can't stir the grain in with a hop spider.wink... Just get some hop bags or make some. An experiment by Peter Wolfe of Oregon State University found there was no difference in using a bag or throwing the hops in the kettle loose in the IBUs when measured on a spectrophotometer.

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