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Jun 20, 2010
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I have a Klarstein AIO which is a few years old now and out of warranty which has decided it no longer wnats to work. It seems like the control board has packed in somewhere around where the LCD screen ribbon connects to the board. It's only done 20 maybe 30 brews which has kind of put me off buying another one.

Anyway I still have my old mash tun and all I need is a boiler as I don't want to shell out another few hundred on an AIO.

So can someone recommend a good boiler for 19/21 litre brews that will just work with no mods. I have looked at the Electrim bin but would rather get something like a Burco. But if the Electrim is the best bet then i'll go with that. Thanks.
It will just be used for heating mash/sparge water then doing the final boil.
I guess so but I wouldn't know how tbh. The element still works and it's 2 elements if that matters. I'd have to have a look.
I had a look at the wiring and decided I didn't want to kill myself/burn the house down/cause explosion so got on Google and found a Peco with 15% off which is now ordered.
Haven't used it yet. Decided to have a go at a couple kits after speaking to a friend who says they get no twang. Going off topic but the kit which is the St Peter Plum Porter has no or very little I couldn't be sure homebrew taste to it so far. That's after suing RO water and the Harris Pure Brew thing. I have another kit on the go, a cider kit to make and also a sugar wash that needs doing so it's going be a while before I probably use the boiler and will probably also do just BIAB stuff. If this second kit comes out okay and other continue to do so maybe i'll never use it?