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Feb 15, 2019
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Fairbourne, UK
Is it still okay to make beer when the ingredients are past their best? Any major drawbacks?

I have;

coopers cerveza BBE on 1/10/2021
Light spray malt BBE 12/2021
Safale US-05 yeast BBE 03/2022

As you can see not majorly past their best before dates, but obviously i don't want to wait weeks for bad beer :( Appreciate the help, if just one or the other will need replacing please let me know! Cheers
If the can is unopened, isn't rusting or bulging, then it will be fine. The spray malt should be ok if stored somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight. The yeast 'may' be dodgy but perhaps hydrate it before use rather than just sprinkling over the wort. I would have an emergency yeast on hand just in case.
Yep, my son was give a Cooper's European lager can for his birthday (obviously been regifted a few times as BBE was back in '18)
We'll try it, but just with a bag of sugar rather than waste DME on it 😄