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Aug 26, 2023
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Atibaia - Brazil
Is there any problem making beer without airlock?
A sticky tape in its place in the bucket?
Problem with fermentation?
Airlocks are nice because they give you a way to monitor the progress of the fermentation, but they’re not required — people brewed without them for hundreds of years. The only issue I can see with your plan is how will the CO2 vent? It will find a way, never fear, but blowing the lid off the fermenter in the middle of the night may not be what you want, and if it lifts up your tape you could have an infection path. If I didn’t have an airlock, I would be tempted to use a blow-off tube into a jar of sanitizer myself. Doesn’t look as nice but will get the job done.
As câmaras de ar são boas porque permitem monitorar o progresso da fermentação, mas não são obrigatórias - as pessoas fabricaram cerveja sem elas por centenas de anos. O único problema que vejo no seu plano é como o CO2 será liberado? Ele encontrará um jeito, não tenha medo, mas explodir a tampa do fermentador no meio da noite pode não ser o que você deseja, e se isso levantar a fita, você poderá ter um caminho de infecção. Se eu não tivesse uma câmara de descompressão, ficaria tentado a usar um tubo de purga em um frasco de desinfetante. Não parece tão bom, mas fará o trabalho.
Is there any problem making beer without airlock?
A sticky tape in its place in the bucket?
Problem with fermentation?
If your lid doesn't have a hole lay it on the FV and don't snap it shut the CO2 will lift the lid to escape but not enough to let nasty things in.
Ive not used an airlock in 200 brews no problems, just leave metal lid loose on my milk churn it's heavy enough to close up any gaps but light enough to vent gas
Barone, is there any problem that every question you ask is posted on every brewing forum known to man?
No problem here, we don't have a rule that states you are not allowed to post here if you have asked the question elsewhere so I am not sure why you are pointing this out.
Back in the day when I made wine in demijohns, I stopped using airlocks as I'd invariable forget about them and let them dry out. Instead I used a small freezer/lunch bag held in place with a rubber band. Works perfectly and although you don't get bubbles, the bag inflates so you know it's fermenting. ALSO, if the thing froths over the top, it's easier to clean up and use a new bag instead of washing and resterilising the airlock.

@Barone . Why don't you want to use an airlock? They're not expensive (unless you use the combined spunding valve, manometer, Goblin Teasmade and mass spectrometer version).
With my previous fermenter, I didn't have space inside the fridge to fit one. I just taped over the hole with duck tape & put a pin hole in it. Worked fine for several years like that.

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