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Oct 18, 2013
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I pulled out some frozen plums to make a country wine but as I emptied them into a mesh bag in the wine I realised it was fruit from a rumtopf, basically fruit that sat in rum and sugar for six months. Has anyone done similar? this will likely impact fermentation I expect if it even starts, any opinions on this?

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That's an interesting conundrum. My initial thoughts are that the fruit has already given up some of it's flavour so won't contribute as much as "raw". Having said that, the fruit from a Rumtopf does have quite a flavour especially with that rum. Any alcohol left in the fruit may contribute to the finished product but if there's too much it may inhibit the yeast with all that sugar as well.

I think is an experiment that you need to update us on!
I am looking forward to the final product, it could be a very good mistake
I've made slider with sloes extracted from sloe gin. It took a while to get fermenting, but I think that's because the yeast had to get into the fruit. I don't see you'll have that problem.

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