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Iain Wishart

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Mar 9, 2020
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Hi looking for some advice please. Currently just started a fermentation for first time in a SS Bucket buddy fermenter (plug in temp controlled fermenter) . Have got an S type airlock on it. It's in a cold garage and working well and holding temp and fermenting as should. Plan is to dry hop in it towards end of fermentation then cold crash. I have never previously cold crashed and beers have been fine but appreciate they would prob be better if I did and I do have a fridge I could use which the fermenter would fit in. Few questions. Should I remove dry hop basket before cold crashing? Am I safe putting the unplugged fermenter fully in a fridge I have (will it affect electronics)? and have read lots about suck back when cold crashing, what would be best simple way to deal with this? Any advice from anyone using this fermenter and cold crashing would be much appreciated. Thankyou.
If your garage is cold, do you need to put the fermenter in the fridge?
To prevent suckback, fit a dry airlock with a freezer bag or balloon held in place over the top with an elastic band. The last bits of fermentation will inflate the bag and the CO2 will be sucked back when you chill the beer.
As for whether the fermenter will be harmed, I've no idea.

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