converting coopers lager to extract or partial mash

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Jun 20, 2023
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hi i love coopers lager kit and have done many tweaks that i really enjoy but its getting more and more expensive.

how would i go about converting the can to extract or partial mash ?
whats a good hop to boil in a few pounds of dme to approximate the kit , or grains and extract etc

the kit is meant to come out to 29 ibus for 23 liters.
Hi, so are you saying you'd still use the can, but add dme or liquid malt?

Or do you want to recreate a similar beer from a extract or partial.
thanks for the reply crowcrow.

i want to recreate a similar beer from an extract or partial .

specifically the one in the pic below.

someone on another board suggested this

6 lbs golden light dme
1.5 oz hallertau at 60 min and .5 oz at 5 mins

then if it was too extracty or not grainy enough i would just substitute in a pound of mashed pilsen malt and a little carapils for the appropriate amount of dme.

my other thought was this short boil/ partial boil extract recipe i found:

6 lbs breiss golden light dme
1 oz cascade hops
Wyeast 1332 starter

(the dme, hops and yeast can be varied to suit your taste)
optional .... add 1 lb rice syrup solids to bump abv and dry the beer out

Boil 3 gal filtered water, add hops, remove from flame and stir in at least 1 lb dme. return to boil and boil for only 20 mins. At last 5 min remaining, add the remaining dme and , if using, the rice syrup solids.

Cool the wort, use cold water to bring the volume to 5 gal, oxygenate, pitch the yeast and place in your fermentation chamber.

Note: 20 min boil is enough.

i put thiis in brewersfriend and a 20 min 3 gallon boil with 1 lb of dme and 1 oz of cascade pellet should theoreticlly yield 22 ibus.



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Sounds great - not sure about cascade in a lager - but I love cascade so I'd give it a go! Recipes sound good - let me me know how you get on.
Coopers on c£12
6lbs of dme is c£15 + hops
🤔🤔🤔 Is it April the 1st and I haven't noticed?
sorry i should have clarified i am in the states and the cheapest cans are 22$ plus 7 flat rate shipping plus i need to add at least 2 pounds of fermentables (about 10$) . comes to at least 35 with water yeast hops and grains sometimes. etc.

i can usually get dme on sale for about 12$ for 3 lbs . so the above recipe would def be cheaper for me.

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