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Apr 8, 2019
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Hello All,

I am writing with an unusual issue mainly because i am in Cyprus where there is no such thing as a Homebrew shop and it is the only country in the EU where 95% of homebrew shops will not deliver here and so i am relying on the very limited deliveries from Amazon UK and Chinese suppliers on eBay.

Anyways, I put Evil Dog in to the fermenter 5 weeks ago and its been in there mainly due to waiting for parts to arrive. I ordered a ball post for my gas regulator to go on to a new pin valve on my old Boots pressure barrel which i have also purchased a sparkler tap to go on. Can not get hold of 8g bulbs here and can not get them imported either but got some 16g ones from a bike shop and im waiting fo a couple of steel kegs to arrive from China (eBay again). My main question is, if it will take another 4 weeks for the steel kegs to get here, and the Boots barrel is not ready for the gas regulator as the disconnect post i was sent is not compatible with the pin valve on the pressure barrel, do i use the pressure barrel as a secondary fermenter before the kegs or is it ok to leave the Evil Dog in the fermenter for another month bearing in mind it has been in there for 5 weeks at a steady 17 degrees even though it wont be winter here for much longer. I am mainly aiming to long term condition/age this brew while freeing up the fermenter to put another in to it.

Thanks in advance

Benjamin Tolmer

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Oct 16, 2018
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United Kingdom
I also face such problems most of the time. Your concern is real, I can suggest you for more better online options like shopping 2 Cyprus, next and more where you can easily get your desire.