First Go At WOW (A.K.A - Supermarket Juice Wine)

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Aug 15, 2021
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Ok so I guess it's feedback time 😂 We had a wee party the other week and there was a lot of 'tasting' going on 😯

So I had 6 Supermarket Juice Wines and 2 Meads. All the juice wines had a base of Red Grape and Apple Juice with a litre of something else. They all ended up between 990 & 994. So listed by the 'something else' here we go:

Pineapple - Quite tart, but very pleasant. Easier after the first glass 😂

Pear - Smooth and refreshing, by far the favourite of my guests.

Prune - Ok this was more an experiment. It wasn't nasty but definitely different. Quite a deep flavour and nearly brown in colour. Had a glass of pineapple afterwards and you really could taste the pineapple, whereas to start with you couldn't 😂 obviously needed the contrast !

Tropical - Mix of orange & mango. Very nice, certainly make again.

Cranberry - By far my favourite. A crispness from the cranberry on top of the base rose, really nice.

Apple - The base supermarket juice but with 2l of Apple Juice. Nice wine.

Original Mead - wasn't sure what to expect, nice dry white wine basically.

Mead flavoured with Ginger, all spice and Muscovado sugar - This didn't take on the flavour we hoped, more just a hint, but then we only left the spices in for 2 weeks after the fermentation ceased. Nice though.

So all in all a successful venture. Definitely got me hooked. 3 more gallons of basic Rose clearing and 5 gallons of Elderberry nearly finished 2nd fermentation.

Getting the rosehips out of the freezer next 👍


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Mar 17, 2013
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Ulverston Cumbria.
Glad your guests liked your wines.

Cranberry - By far my favourite. A crispness from the cranberry on top of the base rose, really nice.

We used to make a very nice pomegranate wine by adding a litre of pomegranate juice (which is only 30% juice but its strong tasting so comes through) to a litre of apple and a litre of red grape juice worth a try next time you are out juice shopping.

Water, Pomegranate Juice from Concentrate (35%), Aronia Juice from Concentrate (4%), Flavourings, Vitamin C, Sweetener (Sucralose).