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Apr 25, 2021
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Hi guys just wanting some advice if anyone can help...I'm looking to brew a 23L DIPA at 7.1% the bulldog kit (Bulldog Brews ABV 7.1% 40 Pint Beer Kit - Evil Dog Double IPA) it looks pretty decent and straight forward...I've only done 2 brews before this so looking to keep it as simple as possible, but I'm wanting to make it a passion fruit DIPA. I'm thinking I add 1kg of passion fruit puree maybe 5 days in to fermentation. I'm not sure though on either the quantities or the timing of adding it? Any advice from someone that knows about this would be awesome.
I've used passionfruit pulp in a Gose. Added 1.5kg at around 80% through fermentation (was only 2 days in).
I added it in a sanitised hop sock to contain the black seeds.
Came out with noticeable passionfruit aroma...
I'm thinking for a flavoured DIPA 1kg should be enough...should I add the puree sooner do you think then? I don't want to lose lots of the passionfruit sugars as I want it to be quite a sweet DIPA and not super dry?!

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