Low alcohol beer and how to brew advise required (Diabetes)

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Bone dry in two days.
Nice to have a brew to mess with. Sprinkled 1kg on sugar in it. The yeast burst into life in about 3seconds quite a surprise. Foamed over again šŸ˜

I will do it again tomorrow and video it. Quite bizarre.
Not bizarre, the beer has gas in it and the sugar when added provides lots of nucleation sites for CO2 to be released.
Much like the mintoe in a coke bottle fountain or the etching in the bottom of some glasses.
Check the gravity has fallen before adding more sugar, better to drip feed your chaptalisation than bulk feed.
"nucleation" good point. Hadn't thought of that. But it's going again like a train.

I was always believed sugar should be thoroughly dissolved. Myth busted.

Did the brix when I started. I know it will take 1.5kg easily. High % fermentation does benefit from later additions rather than a syrup start. 50g of bread Yeast does have a certain hungar šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

I have a feeling the hydrometer might smash on the bottom of the kettle šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
Some of Fermentis' new yeast and enzyme blends will help this.

LD-20 is a dried lager yeast and glucoamylase enzyme in a single pack. Aimed at producing low carb lagers (may wait until this comes up before I do something like Asahi Dry)

DA-16 is a dried ale yeast and glucoamylase enzyme in a single pack. Aimed at producing Brut IPA.

I know I could buy the enzymes separately but this seems a bit easier.
Well I have just washed up, fermentation done. Bone dry.
That's it for messing around.

Serious stuff now. Next up is house ale as per, but with beano.