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    Mike C

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    The second brew using my new mill today filled 4 x 5 gal and 3 x 3 gal PBs with beer at 4.3% ABV, and it’s showing signs of dropping bright normally this time, probably because I ditched about a gallon more from the bottom of my cylindriconical FV.

    The grist was 25Kg Pale, 1.5 Crystal, and 1.5 Wheat malts, and the hops First Gold (9.16 alpha) and Pioneer (12.17), with 120gms FG at copper up, 50FG + 20P an hour later, and 120P two minutes before the end of an 80 minute boil if anyone is interested.

    That lot should keep me and a couple of friends happy until mid-April – it’s amazing how quickly it goes at a steady couple of pints a night isn’t it?

    I’ve just realised that this Gyle was actually brewed a month to the day before Pancake Day, prompting suggestions that the name be changed from ‘Batter Bitter’ to ‘Batty Bitter’ or ‘Geriatric Brewer’, but I prefer ‘Senior Moment’! We enjoyed the pancakes, and who knows may have some next month as well.
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