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Oct 5, 2019
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I'm not so keen on the single digit ones, double digits are more interesting.

I tend to start with 12+35=47 and then do something with 6/8/9 and trying to turn purples into greens for the second line, on reflection it's probably more efficient to do some single digits and nail all four operators in the first two lines but that's just a gut feel.

I do something similar.

I tend to use two of the symbols on my first guess along with the equals sign, and the other two on the second guess, trying to keep single digit calculations so I can use all of the numbers very quickly. Then by line 3 you can start to do the proper calculations, once you know what's there and what's not!
I do something similar.

I think the debate would be about relative frequencies of digits and operators
For instance, divide will be relatively low frequency as it tends to produce fractions which Nerdle can't cope with, and on the assumption that they will tend not to have three-digit numbers that limits the use of multiply as well, the format favours + & -. So on that basis one might leave divide to line 3 and maybe multiply in line 2, and hope that you get enough +- in the first line as not to have to worry about them.

0 will be quite rare as the rules say it can't be used as a leading digit, and is very unlikely to be used as a single digit.

Also the Newcomb-Benford law suggests that we're more likely to get 1 as the first digit of a multi-digit number. If you're doing 2 operators then you presumably will have single digits to the left of the = and only have a double digit number as the answer, so it makes sense to have it as 1x. And in general lower numbers are more likely as the first digit of 2-digit numbers.


Me, I find Nerdle much easier as there's some logic to it, 2+3 will always = 5, whereas I have a hole in my brain where the bit that does anagrams of words should be.
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has anyone played Lewdle? If not it's the lewd version of Wordle.
Now the Mrs has found 4* and 8" simultaneous world that you have to do a bit like sudoku.

I'm not going to post the link so it won't suck you in...

I'm already sucked in to the 4, it's my favourite! ๐Ÿ˜‚

I like it because you can practise first - and you can have as many goes as you like, not just one.

I find the 8 annoying though as you have to scroll to see the rest of it - it'd be better on one page if you ask me.
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I love the geographic version, called worldle. Each day you get an outline of a country and 6 guesses as to where it is. With an incorrect guess, it tells you how far away and in which direction the target country is. Brilliant! Today's is super easy, but sometimes it is a real challenge.

Sounds like fun!