Pressure fermenting - is it time to start conditioning?

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Aug 24, 2023
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This is my my first brewing with new equipment - Apollo 30L Unitank and RAPT Pill hydrometre. Brewing Gritchie Brewing Company Bourne IPA (West Coast IPA) I got from The Malt Millers. What surprises me is that it finished fermentation in less than 2 days - now the gravity (red line) is 1015 and stable for about 7 hours (blue is temperature and green is alcohol content)
Should I wait for longer before I put Apollo in the fridge to condition, and, if yes, then for how long should I wait before I start conditioning? I was suggested to wait for another 2 days as there might be some additional sugars lurking around and yeast is hunting them down, but wonder if this already happened because of speedy pressure fermentation (current pressure is 11 psi, it was 15 psi during the peak yesterday and released through safety valve). And when should I collect the yeast as I want to use it for another IPA?
Thank you

I always leave my brews 14 days minimum before moving on from fermentation stage (irrispective of method) not saying it's necessary, but Yeats needs a bit of time to tidy up after itself
I would double check with a hydrometer if I were you I’ve seen Nottingham Yeast ferment out in four days in a king keg chubby at 20 degrees but even Kveik isn’t fast enough for two days.

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