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I am based in Ireland, I think I can only get the fermzilla. Thanks for the info guys
I've been very happy with my now 5 fermentasaurus.
I like being able to drop the yeast out and spend them.
But as said there's a definite learning curve, but worth it.
Just as a plain conical fermenter it's worth it.
Would any of you guys reccommend the Fermzilla. Was thinking of upgrading my old plastic buckets
Absolutely. Especially since now they have moved to the triclamp fitting which overcomes the only real disadvantage of the previous version and makes it far more configurable. An excellent and versatile piece of kit. Sure there are other similar products on the market and I’m sure they are as equally excellent so just comes down to availability, cost and any specific difference in features that may suit the way you want to use the unit.

I’d say that in those smaller sized fermenters these PET fermenters like the fermzilla are superior to stainless steel options out there…yeah I know stainless steel looks nice and pro and I’m a sucker for that as much as the next person and I have a larger stainless conical fermenter because at that size it’s the only option, but love my fermzilla too and in many ways it’s better than the stainless vessel.
PET has a limited life as a pressurised vessel. Something to consider when purchasing. IIRC the Fermzilla body should be replaced every two years.
True, but they’re cheap enough in the grand scheme of things. And you can always relegate to a non pressurised fermenter. 90% of my brews are non pressurised.
Thought I'd do a low risk/cost pressure fermenting test. Serviced on of the PBs and checked it held pressure. Then I stuck in 20 litres of apple juice and some bread yeast. I tend to use bread yeast as it doesn't dry it out completely. Took a sample today (after 4 days) and there was plenty of pressure/foam and it had dropped about 6-8 points. My ciders tend to take about 2 weeks so early days. Interesting taste - like apple juice with mouthfeel.

OK. So 18 days later, still cloudy, gravity down to 1.018.

Tastes nice, got a nice dry aftertaste, the foam is like cream, nice mouthfeel. But its cloudy, anybody got any ideas why ? Still fermenting ? Pouring stirring up sediment (its got a float so it will drawing it from the top) ?

Drinkable though.


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