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Nov 14, 2023
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Hi All

I'm just reading around and got me thinking, I've about 1/3 brew left in King keg.

The beer is OK nothing special but drinkable.

I'm was wondering, could I open the top C02 add some dry hops to and then force pressure?

Would this kill it or give a new lease of life?
No don’t do that the o2 ingress won’t help and may oxidize any added hops. what I have done with success is transfer closed under pressure to another vessel prepurged with the hops in there preferably bagged unless you got a filter on your dip tube then I guess you could go commando but I haven’t done that.
this definitely helps but some hops will leave a little grass flavor when done like this. I find the more citrusy hops tend to be less grassy when used like this.
almost like a Randall. Otherwise just use a Randall.
Great thanks, I was wondering if was a good move or not. It's not a lot left I'll despose of it the only way I know 8D...
FWIW when I used PBs I would often open a keg and add more sugar to recarbonate if I had no C02 capsules. I've never added extra hops to a keg though so can't help there. I have never experienced grassy flavours from hops,even dry hops that have been in over a month. Not saying it won't happen but I'd try it,or the hop tea method.
Thank Clint

Was thinking as it's getting to tail end it eont be in there long so that kinda grassy flavour I wasn't concerned with but a little on oxidising it through exposure and adding fresh ingredients

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