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Feb 14, 2024
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I’ve been using SureSan no rinse but only now read that the instructions say use within 1hr.

I’ve filled a spray bottle with the solution but not used it within the stated time frame.

Any suggestions on a better solution that I can use and leave in spray bottles?

A lot of members use this as its only 30 second contact time and is no rinse its expensive but you can make a spray bottle up and it lasts for ages.

I dont use it i use Milton baby bottle sanitiser as it does what i need and i am a tightwad, i am sure members that do use Star San will be happy to add their view.


Link to original image (much clearer info) -

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The solution lasts for months.
It can be reused multiple times.
As long as pH stays low it's good to go.

I infer use within an hour as use the equipment treated within an hour, not that it's ineffective one hour after making it.

I have some in a sprayer and several litres in an old ferment bucket for pouring into big things such as fermenters and kegs. Shake it wait and pour it back.
Please remember it should only be used on clean things, physical activity and products such as PBW are used first.
SureSan is Sodium Percarbonate, which evolves (through breakdown) Hydrogen Peroxide, an immensely powerful sanitiser (more so than bleach!). But is the amount suggested for SureSan evolving enough? After an hour, certainly not.

StarSan uses an anionic surfactant called Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid ... I always get confused with all this "anionic, etc." stuff, so look it up (e.g. Understanding Surfactants, which confused me more!). Some folks disagree that this surfactant (one that's been used for quite a while) is very affective as a "killer". It's very foamy! I personally use StarSan and I don't believe the Percarbonate alternative should be used as a "no-rinse" sanitiser (it leaves behind a very alkaline residual solution that smells of damp laundry - and dries to a very soluble powdery residue).

I'd use Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) by choice but be aware even in the stable purchased solution (not water?) it has a self-life. Isopropyl Alcohol is cheaper (70%) but make sure it evaporates if using no rinse (I don't know how dangerous any residual isopropanol is). Alcohol isn't effective against spores like Peroxide is, but that might be way too finicky!

Maybe you can tell ... this is currently one of my "study" projects! 🤓
I use Star San and though expensive it lasts for an age. I bought a 250 ml bottle about two years agao and still have about 180 ml left as it is diluted out at about 1.5ml per litre and lasts for ages. I usually make up 1L and that can sanitise all my bottles and 2 mini kegs for one brew and do the fermenter and even after that it can be returned to a spray bottle for cleaning up spillages.
Something I also use just to clean my fermenters, bottles and mini kegs prior to sanitising is PURO OXI . It is cheap I bought 5kg for €23 and great for cleaning lightly soiled bottles and feremnters prior to using Star San.

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