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Rose Champagne with our party food and a glass saved for midnight. Last bottle of this left.
Bought at the co-op makers cellars on a trip a few years ago.
Unfortunate name Chassenay d'Arce, great Champagne at a great price (both important).
Tesco used to stock it, but no more.
Happy New Year one and all, wherever you find yourself.
After a rather wet December I have opted to do the whole dry January thing once again this year so a bottle of Erdinger alkoholfrei weizen which is honestly in my view one of the best Alcohol free beers out their. It’s got hints of banana and cloves and is actually pretty close taste wise to a regular Weizen. This alongside Guineas 0% is basically how I plan to get through January.
First is the bottling dregs of the latest batch of Pipster Pale. Its been in the fv since 23 Nov and had a 7 day 200g dry hop. All to no ill effect. Tastes great!
Last night for beers as I'm back in the nuthouse tomorrow night...but only for 2 nights then off for 6.
I got some Vault City to investigate..

This will accompany tonight's roast rib of beef later.
It's my one-and-only bottle so needed an occasion to be opened, and SWMBO'd loves a good Pinot noir wine. (I'm more of a Claret man, but I'll suffer in silence 😉).
It's a 1995 Gevrey Chambertin cru single vineyard wine bought a long time ago in the maker's own cellar and tasting room from his mother.
Those were the days!
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