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Here's a picture of the pump I constructed, no details on the pump itself other than it's powered from a USB charger, i.e. 5V.
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And a short video of it in action in a demijohn.
Very neat, I'll be all over the place as well but likely to visit Bristol to see my sister. So must try and get some coordination this time.
OMG! I just searched UBS Vacuum pump on ebay....All I got was pumps for your Todger, Old chap, John Thomas etc!! Whats that all about??

I think RS might be a better place to search!

EDIT the cheapest on on ebay is the todger pump and the fitting with its silicone seal may fit the top of a carboy perfect! :D

Checked you link out..."Sorry, your search "micro pump 5v" did not match any products. Please try again."?

So what is AliExpress? Is that just all fake stuff from China or are they selling the stuff people have sent to be made in china through the back door?

Odd result for you @buddsy.

Then in search bar try
Micro pump 5v

AliExpress is a Chinese website that is a bit like eBay or Amazon, it's direct to suppliers or manufacturers of " everything". Great source for many many many things much cheaper than high street.
Have a noodle around.
....So what is AliExpress? Is that just all fake stuff from China or are they selling the stuff people have sent to be made in china through the back door?

It's a great source for "things", some of those things are genuine and some of those things are cheap clones (read knock off). There are suppliers of good product and suppliers of bad product. I have learned to avoid the suppliers that are the cheapest and to choose suppliers that have a lot of feedback that is good. As @RoomWithABrew says it is like eBay and Amazon with even more stuff.

Shipping times will be a lot longer than Amazon sometimes the same as eBay but often much longer. However, if you find a good supplier that's cheaper and you don't mind the wait it can save you a great deal of money!
Cheers chaps.

I know the factories in China who make things for big companies sell those same products else where. I used to work for a company who made cooker switches and moved production to their own factory in China. They were horrified when they found their own components in their competitors switches. The factory had been selling the company I worked fors parts to anyone!

I digress...I have a WinExpert Pinot noir Im about to start :-)

Yes thats the one.

I dont know how much the wine produced varies between the grape types?

The Sauvignon Blanc Im doing at the moment is very fuity, really nice. Im hoping once bottled it will be great.

Yes the yeast generates heat while it's working. Although a 6 degree difference seems a lot from what I've seen, I ferment in buckets in my utility room. I've got some WinExpert Riesling (for the Mrs) on the go at moment and looking over the fermentrack log biggest difference between ambient and wine is 2 degrees.

I've been tempted by conical fermenters for a while, going to hold out for the arrival of Apollo in the UK.
I have winexpert Riesling on the go now. Just got a viognier kit also winexpert. I normally do their chardonnay but love brewing had ran out so bought alternative white. I should of bought from else where.

Im ready to rack the Riesling for the first time. 17 days and still fermenting well.

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