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    1 Litre Grape Juice Concentrate £12.90

    Thanks for the info. I didn't notice the 65 brix on the carton. I planned to add 250ml to a gallon of Ginger wine before fermentation. The other reason I wanted it is because I just made 2 x 1 gallon batches of Ginger wine using liquidised sultanas. The wine came out lovely but is a pain to...
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    1 Litre Grape Juice Concentrate £12.90

    I found this on eBay. It works out at half the price of other GJC. It's a bargain I think.
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    Dry Elder Flowers.

    On my first non-kit elderflower I used 50g per gallon, and it was overpowering. I added the dried elderflowers at the start of the fermentation. I think 25g is enough for me personally. There was plenty of flavour and aroma. Hopefully, I'll try fresh elderflowers this year.
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    Re-using steriliser solution

    I use sodium metabisulphite, the same stuff in Campden tablets, at least the ones I use are. 2 ltrs with 3 teaspoons of smb last me a month, and I only replace it because it gets hair and fluff in it...I have hairy hands!
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    Mead tastes like cough syrup?

    I've made quite a few meads (and lots of mistakes) and my early meads tasted medicinal (I quite liked it, but I've been told I'm weird), but recently, with a lot of tweaking, they are turning out ok. I've just made mead and using a heat belt, so the fermentation temperature is quite high, so...
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    Pectin for cider

    That's why I've always bought Harris no rinse sanitiser. But it does make you think if they can sell the stain remover so cheaply, are we being ripped off by the likes of Harris?
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    Pectin for cider

    I found it on the Wilco website. It's basically the same thing, sodium percarbonate. It's going to be a while until I need it as I just bought 1 kg a few weeks ago for £15 aheadbutt
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    Pectin for cider

    I only use it for cleaning and I use sodium metabisulphate for sterilisation. I'm a bit old fashioned I suppose. £2 for a kg of oxybleach? I'll have to have a look in my local Wilko, but I've never seen it before.
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    Pectin for cider

    Believe it or not, I just use eBay. It does take a bit of digging, but you can normally find bulk amounts for most things. They have raised the price, but you get 400g for £11.95 when 64g would cost you the same in the smaller amounts. This is actually one of my favourite sellers, good...
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    Pectin for cider

    I have found it cheaper to buy in bulk. You can get 32 grams for £5.65, but I recently bought 400 grams for £8.60. The math is obvious. This goes for most consumable homebrew wise. I just bought 1 kg of oxybleach for £15.39. 200 grams is normally £4.85. I do the same with all things...
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    Sulphur dioxide tests

    I use sulphite solution to sterilise my equipment before using...religiously. I haven't had an infection yet, luckily. I only use campden tabs in the actual wine because I wouldn't know where to start with powder.
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    Screw cap wine bottles

    I'm trying to keep my last sweet mead to see how much it improves with's harder than it sounds! I use traditional cork bottles which were £24 for 24 on eBay. I have 48, simply because I give my wine to family and don't always get them back. I also have swing top bottles which I use...
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    A simple recipe for a demijohn of Dry Mead

    If I use 4lb of honey for a sweet mead it is normally SG 1.125. I know Young's Dessert / High alcohol yeast has a tolerance of about 14% ABV, which normally leaves it sweet. My advice is to find a yeast you like, find it's tolerance and plan your mead from there. My logic is that there is...
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    Campden tablets

    Stabilisers are usually sodium metabisulphate (the same stuff as campden tablets) or potassium sorbate. I add 2 crushed campden tablets to my wine when I rack for clearing.
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    Trying mead before brewing

    My latest mead was a dry one, I only used 3lb of ASDAs honey (£3.94), 1 1/2 tsp youngs nutrient and young's dessert/ high alcohol yeast (my favourite). Took 10 days to ferment from SG 1.092 (lower than my target) and fermented to SG 0.995 giving an ABV 13%. I prefer sweet mead, but it wasn't bad...