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Sep 23, 2023
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Hi, hoping to get a bit of help and advice. I have seen a couple of all grain kits that I wouldn't mind doing. They are both 23l. I am a BIAB, full volume no sparge brewer. My brewhouse efficency is usually around 64%. To get the right OG and ABV, I was thinking of brewing a bit short maybe 21l. Also I usually get fine crush, and this is just crushed. Is my thinking sound and makes sense?
Crush size isn't such a consideration with BIAB so the finer the better , but crushed will work fine ( maybe a bit more stirring during mash). When I used to BIAB I would normally allow 1L per KG absorption for the grain and my boil off rate to calculate my full volume. You sound like you have all the right ideas
The easiest thing is to put your recipe in Brewfather ( or similar ).
It has a BIAB no sparge setting, it'll show you total water volume, mash volume, OG/FG, IBUs etc.
You can scale a 23L batch down if you want to make smaller brews.
64% seems a bit low for BIAB. I used to achieve at least 70% mash efficiency, and with minimal fermenter loss, and a 30 minute boil, the brewhouse efficiency came in around 70% as well, sometimes higher. I even achieved a few 80% mash efficencies.

Give the mash a stir every 15-20 minutes. Ensure you're squeezing the **** out of the bag post mash, and then leave it to drain. I used to have two buckets. One with holes drilled into the bottom. I'd then put the entire grain bag into the two buckets, and press down with a tray to get it all squeezed out.
64% seems a bit low for BIAB. I used to achieve at least 70% mash efficiency.

I generally get 66-68% and that's with a stir at the start, middle and end, dunk sparge and squeeze of the bag.

I did get 73% with one particular batch of base malt, I guess the crush was just right.

Rather than brew short, you could get a 1kg bag of crushed malt and add some extra to compensate for the lower efficiency, or just use sugar - the percentage would be so small as to have minimal impact on the brew, reckon you wouldn't even notice.

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