Help, 1st attempt, do i need to ditch my beer.

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Pet bottles create fountain instead 😂

Only thing I will add is taste your beer all the way along. It is not toxic. You will learn an immense amount from your sensory analysis and be able to reference/compare that in the future.
Yes I agree.
Trying a bit on your tongue at intervals through the mash is especially good to tell how much sugar is coming out.
Don't be put off if it initially tastes intolerably bitter straight after the boil though: that will mellow out.
Probably best not to taste it during active fermentation as it can have "undesirable" effects on your digestion.
Probably best not to taste it during active fermentation as it can have "undesirable" effects on your digestion.
That is Internet myth...same yeast as bread. And wine. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a naturally occuring and beneficial yeast.

But probably not best drunk by the pint... Hang on.... live beer contains yeast.

Lets settle for.. best not to taste when it's boiling 😁
I always transfer my beer to a plastic keg after the primary ferment has abated. You can then release the safety valve by hand & by listening to the gush of gas tell how secondary ferment is going. You can also taste the brew via the tap. It’s a good idea to then put it somewhere cold for a week or two at least to help clearing. After bottling the remaining yeast & oligosaccharides will, at room temp, give you a bit of fizz in a week or two without priming sugar.
Mistakes, I’ve had few…
A wild yeast once gave me a batch of Gueuze so don’t leave your fermenter open for too long. The secondary fermentation in a keg should keep your ale safe from bugs & explosions.
Well here's my first attempt at making bread and was in a Dutch oven and it's delicious....


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