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May 8, 2021
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I wanted to ask for opinions on an idea I have. I invested in a new Beer Engine to pull beer out of a keg with a cask breather replacing the beer volume with CO2. It works great and I love the cask ale type result. I want more cask ale options but don’t want to buy more beer engines. So instead, in my 3 keg kegerator, I thought I could put a 3 way splitter in the beer line with john guest plastic valves on each of the 3 lines. I’d have to manually open the line I want to pull from and close the others, and I accept a mixing of the ‘old’ beer in the line downstream of the valve in my glass, May chuck that away or not bother - need to see if I notice any difference. I would also use a 3 way splitter after the cask breather to apply the atmospheric pressure replacement gas to any keg I pull from.
Does anyone see any issues with this idea?
No issues of you are happy to throw away some beer. My engine holds a whole half pint in the pump plus more in the lines, so I'd guess close to a pint to mix or lose.

I wouldn't mind the mixed beer, but will mean that each time you change you are really still drinking a pint of the old beer before you get to the new.

I like my engine but rarely use it as so much beer is left in the pump and pipes that if I'm just having a pint or two it can be wasteful. But friends love it!
You could put a splitter with a tap on between your 3 way and the engine.
Then drop the other pipe into water then you can pull nearly all of the beer through the engine.

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