Beginners Guide to Water Treatment (plus links to more advanced water treatment in post #1)

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Ah, I thought I was probably over complicating the issue.

My tap water is garbage, fine for washing dishes but not for drinking. I'd be interested to attempt to use it for brewing but too afraid that the batch would be ruined.
Try it. You may find that it still makes delicious beer. Failing that, people have spoken highly of ashbeck water from Tesco, which I think is a little over a quid for 5 litres. You could give that a go.
I think Salifert have changed the Ca kit as mine just arrived today and only has one bottle of solution and the instructions make no mention of a Ca-3 bottle. The instructions are also a bit rubbish in that it tells you to add 0.6ml of Ca-2 in one go then add drop wise until colour changes pink to blue. I did this, but colour was already blue. I then realised 0.6ml equates to 300 ppm Ca whereas my water is around 30. I did it again and this time just added dropwise from the start - it changed after adding only 0.06ml sp bang on 30ppm.
I've only just come across this!

Discussed >here<, with possible (???) work-around?

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