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It's a shame that small scale brewing isn't treated the same as small scale cider production by HMRC
It's a lot closer since the new duty regime came in this month, the farm gate allowance has merged with the lowest tier of Small Producer Relief. But duty is not usually the problem, you have to have Environmental Health approve any premises used for food production (perhaps the single toughest hurdle of the lot), Trading Standards need to know your volumes and ingredients are what you say they are, you have to register for the Alcohol Wholesale register and so on.
Well the journey has continued. I recently moved jobs to go work at Round Corner Brewing in Melton Mowbray since October. Been yet another journey moving from predominantly cask based to a keg and more craft beer focused brewery. Back to learning and loving it although family life has changed since starting with shift work and nursery pick-up and drop off all in the mix.

I’ll update again once I’ve further found my feet. Cheers.

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