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So an quick update and search for some advice.

After a little bit of digging, its been suggested in some threads to "rouse" the yeast. I've done this by agitating the fermenter a little to see if any noticable change happens. After a few hours, started getting bubbles again, so it looks like something happened. This moring it was still bubbling awa, but has now stopped. Temp has dropped back to 20c, so this may account for that.

I took a sample via the valve and its now around 1012-1015. Quite a drop in 5 days from 1040?

If its still not active tomorrow, whats the safest option? it does smell quite like an IPA, but still very cloudy.

Most fermentation takes place on the initial days (always exceptions) but leave it the full two weeks to make sure it's finished and had time to tidy up after itself.
Absolutely. You are new and keen. That's great. Watch smell and taste.
But the yeasties have been doing this for millions of years....Let them get on with. 🤣

If you haven't already, get your temp control upto speed, it really really makes a difference.

Just for reference, I pitched some yeast into a brew a few days ago. Apart from a quick sniff (for co2) I have been nowhere near it. I am 100% sure the little fella's will do the business.

In winemaking there is a saying that a busy winemaker makes the best wine.
Ok! Thanks for the confidence inspiring comments. Much appreciated.

Smells ok. Like a flat hopped IPA. Taste? Is it ok to taste at this point? Assume so, or you wouldnt have said otherwise.

Had a few bubbles out of it today. Just keep looking at it, hoping its going to be ok.
It's good to taste at anytime, and I recommend it. Your pallette will teach you loads. What is good, bad, sweet, sour, gassy, flat, young, old, fresh, yeasty, stale.... And not normal. Smell it too. And when you cough you will remember this post - that's co2 (carbon dioxide)

Use all you senses. They are much better than any instrument.
So I've been doing as recommened over the past week or so, its taste just hasnt changed. Its obviously flat, and doesnt have a lot of flavour. I've kegged it up, as its now due, 16psi CO2 in a full corny seem ok? I'll monitor over the next while. Think I'll store it in the garage and see how it goes.

If its not worked out, I'll go back my notes and see where things could've gone wrong. I am thinking that the poor temp control on the grainfather might've contributed, but other than that, probably my lack of experience.

Slighty deflated, just like my beer.
This was a learning experience. Something went wrong somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it.

It was very chemical tasting and undrinkable. Next be was much better, still not 100%, but definitely drinkable.
Hallow pal.
I was smiling always.
After nearly 40 brewing it's still get to me,hundreds of brews I'm my 1st G30 thats 11 years old.
Looking at the replies there now much to add apart, enjoy the ride.
In no time you'll be experience brewer.
Don't chase number (effeicencies etc) UNTIL YOULL FULLY dialed one or brewdsys, learn for the next time if made mistakes.
And don't repeat them!
Remember one day you'll look back and still feel the buzz.
You done great pal, asked questions chuffed for ya.
Upwards n onwards.
chemical tasting can be phenolic esters from high temperature swings. poor temp control. it can also be from your source water. you said the second beer you made came out better what did you do diferently or what do you thikn you might have done differently.

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