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Morning All,

I have had an update from Grainfather... I believe we should have a small quantity at the end of March not quite sure what a small quantity entails but I am sure we will find out. I believe they should be fully stocked by early May when the supply should become less of an issue but it just sounds like with most things at the minutes the materials aren't as simple to get hold of as they once were! :)
Ive been checking on availability a couple of times a day as I dont want to miss out when they come back in stock (I suspect they will sell out very quickly). The EU grainfather store has had them in stock a couple of times over the past few weeks but there is no option for delivery to the UK, it seams to have been removed from the UK grainfather site which is a bit odd.
@borischarlton are there any further updates please?

The website says first week in April but that's now passed.

I am holding off my next brew as I want to buy uncrushed grain, but if it will be a while yet I'll get crushed grain as usual. :D
It is looking like Wednesday, next week. Certainly the best way to secure one is to sign up to the waitlist, then you get an automatic email as soon as we put them into stock. We will also send out messages on all socials, so look out.
We do have plenty arriving;) But, also many on the waitlist.
I’m tempted but I’ve still got quite a bit of pre milled grain to get through.
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