Greetings from Swindon - what kit I should buy next?

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Aug 24, 2023
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Hi, everyone,
I made beer using Brooklyn Brewery, Pinter and now bought basic kit with fermenting buckets, siphons, air lock etc. Found making from the grain small batches (10 pints) is not effective for me, concluded that Pinter is a great for the first couple of brews, but then water collects inside and doesn’t get out
Now I want to raise my game, though, at the moment I am making Coopers European Lager, Muntons Flagship Beer Kit - West Coast IPA and Beaverdale Red Wine Kit - Rojo Tinto
Wonder what kit I should buy next as I feel I am lazy at disinfecting and need to improve temperature control. The kit should be easy and convenient to clean even if it costs more and not that flexible at something. Should I go for kegs or fermenter(s)? nas I understand, I don’t need to go for the brewing system yet as I still like brewing ingredients kits.
I have a large empty AEG fridge/freezer that I plan using for my training, so I hope it is sufficient if I need to put my brew to 4-8 Celsius temperature
I want to brew something like Czech Pilsners, IPAs and The Old Peculier
What would you recommend me to buy?
Cheers acheers.


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