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Mar 4, 2021
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Hop Idol 2023 - Brew Day

Just stumbled across this. Looks like it's open to anyone, but with some special prizes for those with a Nottingham postcode. I'm tempted to enter this as my first dip into a judges comp. Think it's only $4 per entry (that's pounds really but can't find the symbol on my phone!! 😂😂).
I signed up for this in Feb then completely forgot about it until I'd just started brewing another beer and saw a reminder on line 😂. Quickly got the supplies to make the Rye IPA I made fairly recently and then brewed over the first bank holiday weekend. Just bottled the brew....tasting great so far👍. Think I have to submit the bottles early June so just had time to condition. Thankfully this brew is a nice one when young. My first go at a comp (I've also entered the brew Like A Monk) so hoping the beer ain't to bad 😂😂

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