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My lad is a cider drinker. I did an "On The Rocks" berry kit for him late last year which was well received. At first I thought it was horrible - to artificial taste, you know a sort of what food technologists think berries should taste like kind of flavour. Over time it improved and although it would never be my kind of drink it was perfectly acceptable stuff and he liked it so happy days..

Anyway his favorite is pear cider and I happened to be in The Range this week (don't ask) and saw their kits. Although quite expensive they were there right in front of me, so I bought a pear cider.

I usually put my FV in a water bath but I already have a Fixby Gold in there and since I'm not going to be drinking it (terrible Dad!) I thought I'd risk just sticking the FV in the utility with a brew belt on.

Anyway I'll keep you informed on progress - it'll probably go on this weekend. It's easy to be sniffy about the chains efforts but at the end of the day it comes down to palate and if the punters like it then it's good. I'll be sticking to my ale however so if any one wants to recommend a good authentic IPA let me know.
If it's made with pears it is perry not cider. Cider is only made from apples, despite current marketing trends.

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