The range wine kits all out of stock??

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Feb 2, 2021
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Been to 5 different stores today searching for the white wine kits and none available.

Checked online and none available for delivery either.

More concerning all the range stores that I visited had a fractured stock of home brew. None of them had the full range in stock.

Are the range kits having a shortage or possibly being discontinued.
I fear for the red kit. Couldn't find it in store and they've pulled it from their website 😞

To be fair I’m assuming it might not have been a very good seller.

It really wasn’t a great kit and it’s hard to say that what it produced would even be classed as a red wine.

IMO you won’t find a worthwhile red wine kit below £45-£50.

I do love the white and rose kits of the MYO range from them though.
When I picked up my last Myo kit from our range, I noticed quite a few on the shelf with may 24 best before dates & had to pull out one from further back with a later date.
The may dated ones had not been reduced despite it being mid may at the time.
The range kits always sell out quick its pot luck finding them in store and as said they are often sold out on the site i believe they are made for them by muntons maybe they cannot make enough to keep them stocked its been like this since Covid we never had a problem getting them instore before.

This is all they have today -


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