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I didn't have the patience for Bodies. Ì watched Dark, and thought it was brilliant, but Bodies, not so much.
It's on (or at least was on) ITVx. Picks up production quality-wise from S2, so stick with it.

Both Love/Hate (I've a bone to pick with you Nidgey) and Kin are great.

Just finished S1 of Dark Winds. Police Procedural set in 1970s Navajo Nation. Excellent TV.
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Looks like "what we do in the shadows" is showing series 4 on BBC & earlier ones are once again available on iPlayer.
Which is good, as I only just caught the last 10 minutes of it.
Just watched Fool Me Once on Netflix and it's not bad at all.
A bit ridiculous in places. Not my usual viewing to be honest, but worth a go.
The formula is a British murder/mystery/police drama.

And by coincidence Joanna Lumley lives in Tommy Shelby's house.
That's why I refused to watch the last one. I enjoyed the books then they cast Tom Cruise ffs. That's like Me playing Mike Tyson
Harlen said the same thing. He refused to allow Tom Thumb to play reacher in any more movies. Badly cast especially if you have read the books.
Everyone to their opinion, but I think that both the reacher films were good. I appreciate it's not as fitting with the character in the book but I think cruise is still good in it.
Just finished the first series of Traitors on BBC iPlayer...watched over 3 nights. Excellent compelling viewing. Can't wait to watch series 2 once I have a few built up to binge

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