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Number 5 was my favourite on that board. Incredible.

And they do the most amazing pizza loaded chips. Think of lashings of pizza toppings on chips. Absolutely amazing the pepperoni one.
Well, it certainly has the most ridiculous name, I do like Verdant stuff though. Theres a lot of good beers there. perhaps on my sons next visit there he can dump me in the tap room:beer1:
Faithless 195 - Gooseberry Crumble, I like this as it’s not puckeringly (is that a word) tart.

Mrs. Sneedhearn and I are sampling a glass of my Aghalee Brown Ale 😂

As mentioned elsewhere the recipe was a TT Landlord clone but I measured the black malt incorrectly and it ended up err... darker than intended.

That said it's only been in the keg for 9 days and it is a very drinkable beer.

Only my second AG brew and I'm quite chuffed with it.


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