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Haven’t been drinking much lately, but tonight having a Mosaic Pale Ale after bottling a small batch of bitter.

Got a bit of chill haze in the Mosaic, it was crystal clear when bottling


The small glass isn’t in fact a Jura chaser, but a sample of the bitter…
You didn't go to university in Nottingham by any chance? A bit of trivia 'trip' in old English refers to a pause on a journey.
Not surprised you would think that (as I assume the beer is named after the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub’ in Nottingham as prior to being bought out by Greene King this was brewed by Hardy & Hansen if I remember correctly who where a Nottingham Brewery. But I was at Leicester , so not 100% sure why they always had a Nottingham beer on cask.
Sounds interesting, but India Pale Lager!?
Is that even a style or a recognised class?
A genuine enquiry, despite the doubtful jokiness.
Well I don't think it's a recognised comp style..hoppy lager, cold IPA, IPL what ever you want to call them..if you like crispy bitter hoppy lager then can't go wrong