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Ordinary Bitter.
I have been there many times and got married there so it has been a pilgrimage a few times. Crocodile, Emu, Water Buffalo, and Camel. Camel steaks are superb. I was there during winter staying at Cairns for a month best time to travel to FNQ.
But if you want a culinary holiday don't overlook Tasmania. Wines whiskey and seafood galore. Plus going back in time to the Jurassic Age.
Did you go for the pot and a bucket of prawns to see the feeding of the Grouper in Port Douglas? Personally, as a fisherman, I thought it was cruel

We were up there in Ozzie winter time (Brit. Summer hols.) at Novotel complex but about 20 years ago. No Grouper feeding was involved.
We started that trip visiting relatives in..............Launceston, Tasmania.
I inflicted a winery crawl on my wife's Uncle.
Bought a few from Providence vineyard, including a magnum of Gold trophy champion winning pinot noir, Miguet. Remember the Aus$ was 3 to the 1 GB£ back then.
£20 for a magnum of wine THAT good?
Stunning when we had it 8 years old with Quail on daughter's 21st at family gathering.
Jurassic? 😂😂😂 Everything just like UK in '50s- 60's but more space. Probably due to the number of ex-Brits retiring there.
Popped in the garage on Saturday and could smell beer, then noticed it running under the door. I had a keg that was outside the fridge (just waiting for an another to empty) and it was in a pool of beer, turned it upside down and it was coming out of a tiny hole in the bottom. Luckily there was probably only a couple of pints left of another keg; after cleaning it and doing a closed transfer it seems to have survived.

Belgium Pale.

I’ve had a pretty good day today. We went to The Foundry in Canterbury today with two of our grand-children for food and drinks and had our £100 bill wiped by the management because they were slow to deliver our food. I did leave a generous tip 😉

At the local pub later this afternoon and now at home trying a beer from a Beer52 given to me by my eldest daughter. This one is a Weizen Doppelbock (🤷‍♂️) and has an intense spicy caramel flavour.

I’m off tomorrow so tonight is not a school night, hooray!
Kicking off proceedings with a Pale Ale sent to me by @phildo79. It’s lost a bit of fizz on transfer from the keg but that isn’t spoiling my enjoyment. Aroma and flavour are both loaded with pineapple and pear hop flavours with a little bit of spice. Moderately high bitterness with a great mouthfeel and a lovely dry finish. It washes of the palate and pulls you back for another big swig.
Great brew mate, thanks for sending it 🍻. I’ve a couple to drop off to you when I get back from Austria.


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