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Just bottled a batch of Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA last weekend. My 4th batch of this kit. One of my favourites. Looking forward to it.
Yes, I've marked this one down as a brew again beer.
Trouble is - I've just started BIAB and enjoying that very much.
The grapefruit is certainly going to appear on my schedule again this year.
Great selection in Victoria point. I think over two days we tried most of them. Crimson Corsair being the standout and brewed just a few km away.

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Nitro Stout - nitrogenation isn't quite there yet, head too large. Will leave for a week and then maybe have to play around with pressure and line length.

Hazy Pale - From the unitank. Decent so far. Happy with colour and haze. Could possibly do with a bit more hop aroma, but for a pale rather than an NEIPA I think it's acceptable and I do have the start of a cold.

I’m on my Best Bitter tonight after a day working on rebuilding my raised beds - the one I’m working on also houses the garden electrics and irrigation system so is a bit more involved. Cooking a steak dinner now while enjoying a beer. My wife is having a “taste” of the Imperial.

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Nice clear bitter and good head. Imperial looks nice too.
Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Czech Pilsner
First bottle from this batch after a few days stored in the cold. Strictly for QC purposes of course.
I’m not a lager drinker really but wanted to make something refreshing for the summer when it comes. Very nice and a bit tastier than “normal” lager, which suits me. I guess due to the room temperature M54 yeast.

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